Out With the Old; In With the New

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    One of the first things I did when I moved out of our marital home and into a rental property I had purchased ten years prior was catch the decorating bug. My husband had never allowed me to participate much in the decorating process of our home as I could never get the picture hung quite right or my sentimental photograph or artifact did not match the sterile perfection of the decor. So up went the pictures. Out came the paint. And here I am ten months later still working on my house. It gives me pride, and it makes me smile.

  2. secretangel says:

    Transformation!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Interesting post. After I left the marital home in which my belongings had no place, and moved into my apartment, one of the first things I set about doing was decorating with the stuff I already had. Granted my rug is a little threadbare and could stand to be replaced, but it is mine and to my taste. Fortunately, Laura Ashley did not puke all over my apartment. I like some floral stuff, but my style tends toward the “shabby chic” mode of decorating. Nothing I own really goes together, but somehow, it all works as a whole. I also cut my very long hair into a very short bob. Sometimes change while scary can be good, and it’ll grow back if I want it to.

    My mother upon getting divorced took out a second mortgage, and remodeled the house I grew up in. She got rid of all the old furniture, and replaced it with beautiful Mission style pieces and overstuffed chairs and couches. That’s how she reclaimed the house our family had lived in for about 25 years. She had wanted to sell the house, but my sister and I wouldn’t let her. So, she did the next best thing and claimed it as hers.

  4. lfenix says:

    I bought a new house and move on the 31st! I am so excited about making this place my own and making my bedroom a rustic shabby chic, with white chippy paint everywhere (definite no-nos for my ex)!

  5. It’s been three weeks since my spouse and I separated, and all I want to do is get a really drastic haircut.

  6. Brittany says:

    I looooove this! I did the same thing. I decorated with lots of PINK! Why? BECAUSE I COULD. When else in my life am I ever going to be able to live in a house of pink? My daughter and I love it. We even have pink twinkle lights in our kitchen because “it’s a guhl kitchen” as she says 🙂

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