I Feel Scared

Until my divorce, I thought I had a plan for my life.

I thought I had a loving husband.

I thought I had a savings account.

I thought I knew my future.

And then, with one text, it was all gone.

And in some ways, it was the most freeing moment of my life.

Because I faced my greatest fear.

And survived.



Not only is divorce itself scary, it has a way of triggering childhood fears as well. If you’re feeling anxious and scared after divorce, these posts are for you:

Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you easily triggered? Do you have flashbacks that immediately take you back? Then you will relate to the idea of PTSD after divorce.


If you have been betrayed, this piece will help you understand how your thinking changes. Once you see a zebra…



Healing isn’t linear. Days and even months of okay can be followed by a no good, very bad, horrible day.



Do you find that triggers seem to attack when you least expect? Are you tired of overreacting to situations?



The best news? You can retrain your brain. Every bad moment is an opportunity to respond differently.



Often we cannot face things until we feel safe. Ready, set, face.



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