Are Expectations Dooming Marriage?

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  1. hlongwanetp says:

    I think many of us will always fail in marriege because we expect the impossible. We want to change our spouse tell them how they must live their lives. And we don’t understand that when we met he/she was a party animal, you can’t expect that person to change because now you’re married.

    We must stop raising our expetations high when we get into marriege, because the reason of devorce in our marriges is because I didn’t find what I expected.

  2. Kind of goes along with what I have written for my last post and my guest post for you….thanks for expanding on the idea.

  3. gratefulgill says:

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    Very true!

  4. I suspect we fail because we fail to establish what we want up front. We fail to talk and say this is what I need.

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