Spring Bouquet

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  1. momfawn says:

    I have traveled this path of garden loss with you over the past four years. My old house…the one where my marriage died…is seven doors down from my daughter’s house. When the house sold, the young man who bought it saw my truly visceral connection to the roses, the iris, the cozy porch where I sat every morning with my tea, and assured me I could stop by at any time and cut flowers to take with me. Leaving the garden was almost as hard as leaving my 29-year marriage.

    I moved to an apartment with a brand-new yard and, after a year of being totally frozen, took solace in creating a garden. This one was primarily veggies, interspersed with flowers, and it really helped heal my soul.

    I’m now living with my daughter, and pass by my old garden daily. I rejoice in each new blossom; the garden (and the house) reflects love again. I garden with my granddaughters now, and watch them grow along with the flowers and veggies we plant together. It is truly a wonderful place to be.

    Blessings to you and your new garden. – Fawn

  2. elblueness says:

    Gardening is a wonderful way to bring life to a space, as well as into yourself. Since the break up of my marriage, I have been renting small apartments or staying in basements of family until September 2013. I am now in a small townhouse with a tiny yard and so excited for spring. I am in Canada and snow is still melting in the yard, but seeds have been started and plans are taking shape. I want a flowery herby space, with a small grill and a couple chairs. Something simple, and something I create. I cannot commit to digging and have to plant in containers as part of my lease, but any perennials will come with me on my next move. I look forward to seeing your garden take shape – please post lots of beautiful pictures 🙂


    • I love the exciting potential found in seeds and seedlings. I bet that’s especially true with the long winters in Canada! We’ve complained in Atlanta about our “hard” winter, but it really just amounted to two snowstorms.

      Thanks for the reminder about pictures. I’ll get the first set this afternoon after I spread some pine straw. It’s pretty unimpressive at the moment (super small plants tucked under mulch for cold protection). In fact, my husband (who knows nothing about gardening) looked at me quizzically last night when I was all sweaty and exhausted with nothing much to show for it:) He’ll see!

  3. Mercedes says:

    Thank you planting the seed of hope.

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