A Strange Place to Be

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  1. If you feel you are in the way of harm, google it. Knowledge is power. If you don’t, let demons rest. It is so incredibly hard to do that, yet here you are with the strength of Titans. We both know our lives are better without the knowledge of evil…but so hard to resist! Good luck with your decision.

    • I’m more afraid of me – getting sucked into a place I don’t want to go – than I am of him.

    • Steve says:

      There is wisdom in this.

      I would offer another word of caution… You didn’t mention the details of this offer from “P”. None of my business (and I’m not asking). My concern is that if it hinges on your ex, or his other ex in some way, you are going to find out more than you want of his recent misadventures. You might to think about walking away from the whole shebang. Don’t be tempted by getting your book published. If it is meant to be, it will be.

      My 2¢ and I think I owe you some change.

      • Thank you for sharing. I put a lot of thought into it before deciding if I wanted to move forward on my end. The potential benefits outweighed the possible harm that I could see. I found out last night that this project is dead in the water. So, now to finishing that book:)

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