Signs in the Rearview Mirror

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  1. Bottom line…I don’t know how you do it…but I am exceedingly proud of you…please continue writing…unfortunately far more share your story than I could ever imagine…they all need a voice…and a picture of the way out.

    Be encouraged!

    • Thank you! I’m also shocked at how many have undergone something similar. It’s devastating, but not a death sentence.

    • inge says:

      i don’t know if this will be a comfort to you, but you can bet that his new wife will in time be sharing your story also. the leopard doesn’t change his spots. continue on the course you’ve taken, and find ways to enjoy life.

      • I feel sorry for his new wife. She was a victim in this. They married three months after meeting and she had no idea he was married. We even talked during the single day he spent he jail. Ultimately, she decided to stay with him. I am worried for her.

        • inge says:

          you’ve got what we call in hebrew a “neshomah”, which means a caring soul. she will have to find her own way to survive the crash, but i wouldn’t be surprised if she calls on you for support. god bless you!

  2. Well said!

  3. Don’t worry for the new wife. She obviously has a path to take in this life. I refrain from calling her stupid because it’s so obvious. Amazing though. I had a boyfriend commit suicide, a total shock to me. Took my life down. Later I found another to be living a double life including his sexuality.

  1. December 30, 2012

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