Balm Squad

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There are times in our lives when even the biggest and strongest among us need to be soothed.  We crave the warm embrace and soft folds of our childhoods.  Since it is generally not socially acceptable to carry around a baby blanket after preschool, we need to find new ways to provide comfort after childhood.  We need to assemble out balm squad, an army of comfort that we can call upon when the world around us threatens to explode.

My own balm squad includes the following:

a mug of hot tea or coffee (or even just the smell of coffee)

the smell of patchouli (yup, my parents were kinda hippies)

Spanish guitar, Celtic music, or Metallica (little weird, I know)

a certain paisley throw I bought soon after the divorce for an imagined future living room

bare skin in the sun

a hot bath with smell-good stuff

cuddle time with the cat or dog

the rocking of a hammock, boat, or dock


What comprises your balm squad?


Thank you for sharing!

2 thoughts on “Balm Squad

    1. Yes they certainly do. BTW, I am ashamed to say that it turns out my mom doesn’t know what patchouli is. I think she may be the world’s worst hippie:)

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