Taming the Monkey Mind: a 28 Day Meditation Challenge

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So, I’m sure this will come as a huge shock to those of you that have been keeping up with me, but my mind has a tendency to jump around a bit.  It leaps from thought to thought like a monkey swinging through the trees, grasping one just long enough to get to the next, chattering all the while.

At various points throughout my life, I have made attempts to tame this monkey-mind of mine, only to surrender to its wild state.  Well, as that monkey gets older, I’m a little afraid that it may become more resistant to training, as it becomes accustomed to having its way.  So, I am going to try once again to tame it.

This time, I am going in prepared.  I am setting a goal.  Creating structure.  Bringing along support.

So, what does one need to tame a monkey-mind, you ask?  Here is what is in my arsenal for this go-round:

1 copy of Real Happiness: the Power of Meditation by Sharon Salzberg  with CD

6 boxes of incense

1 comfy fuzzy blanket for when my office is cold

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1 lamp for soft lighting

1 large pillow for proper seating

assorted candles

various smell-good balms and lotions

Of course, none of this is really necessary to tame a monkey-mind, but I like to be prepared.

In the past, I would start to develop a habit of meditation and then I would slide.  I do not know why I am resistant to something that feels good in the moment and makes me feel better in general, but I always seem to find something else to do.  Ah ha, therein lies the problem.  I want to DO, instead of just BE.

In order to hold myself accountable through this 28 day challenge, I am going to write about my experience.  It may not make for the most interesting reading, but I need to make it public so that I won’t let it slide.

So here goes nothing, I’m about to face that monkey-mind of mine.

Day 166/365-Meditation (Photo credit: thekellyscope)

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32 thoughts on “Taming the Monkey Mind: a 28 Day Meditation Challenge

  1. I will do the 28 days with you. I will take time (30-60mins) each day and do the things I do to meditate.
    I should do these things all the time but I have been a bit sporadic. Too much so.
    Now with your good example, I will do this with you.

    Funny pic of the monkey, I can relate.

    And I will start right now, as soon as I click…

  2. You wrote, “I want to DO, instead of just BE.” I’m exactly the same way. Sitting still is not my thing; even when my outside appears still, my inside is moving faster than a hamster on caffeine. I can do quiet meditations if it’s an assignment or meets a specific goal. As part of my mediumship classes we had to meditate nightly and report on our experiences. I did this faithfully for two years and found it very beneficial. After the classes ended, I tried to continue, but found I did best with moving meditations, things I can do that allow me to “zone-out” and let my mind relax. One such zone-out brought this poem to mind. Take a peek at it and see if it helps you: http://tamingthechameleon.com/2012/03/18/observations-on-learning-to-meditate/

    1. Very cute, but you may have a problem on your hands. If Orangutans hear that you are cnlailg them monkies instead of apes, they might rip your arms off and beat you to death with them.

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