Sometimes It’s About What You Can Reach

A small bowl of hot smoked Spanish paprika (pi...

I was engaged in my usual Sunday cook-a-thon last week when I faced a small dilema.   I wanted the smoked paprika (fancy, I know) for the recipe, but it was out of reach.  I keep this particular item on the top shelf of the spice cabinet due to its infrequent use.  Normally, I simply climb up on the counter below to reach the items on the top shelf.  At this particular time; however, my very full and very hot slow cooker was occupying the exact counter real estate where I would need to place my knees.

At first, I became frustrated.  I felt like the recipe wouldn’t be perfect without the addition of the smoked paprika.  Then, I glanced up, spying the perfectly normal and perfectly accessible paprika right in front of me.  It would do just fine.

Some days and some situations are not about trying to achieve perfection.  When you’re in a rough patch, trying to maintain a high standard can be daunting and add unneeded stress.  It is okay to redefine your goals and adjust accordingly.  Sometimes, it’s all about what you can reach.

And, for the record, no I did not think about pulling a chair over to reach the paprika.  There is probably a lesson in that too…

Thank you for sharing!

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