A Broken Heart Could Actually Kill You : Discovery News

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  1. Mark Hillyard says:

    Well it’s true! The ghosting episode after a fairly good marriage, (in my imagination anyway), my wife just disappeared, she had help, and their betrayal as in treating me like I was some piece of shit was incredibly hurtful. Her son and one of her girlfriends knocked on my door on day one. I was in shock but able to open the door, they said nothing and rushed past me and started grabbing wife’s stuff, including meds. Her son guarded the door as if I was some criminal and he said nothing, after 22 years of knowing him and her??? What the hell is that?
    Anyway it put me in the hospital and I was unconscious for at least 5-6 hours, so I guess she did kill me didn’t she! They made me stay overnight until I was stabilized, I left with the report stating, “Condition Fair”. Not totally dead but felt like it.
    I’m recovering and only 60+ days out. I determined that I will get better and start work again.

    I always thought I was a strong person as I was a contractor and I’d build things on my own and move and place heavy timbers and stuff, this put me down hard.

  1. September 29, 2014

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