A Broken Heart Could Actually Kill You : Discovery News

Weeks after my ex disappeared, I found myself shivering in a doctor’s office, my emaciated frame unable to stay warm beneath the gown.  My urine sample was red and viscous with blood from the muscle tissue breaking down within my body.  I shook with tremors, unable to still my body.  My pulse was rapid, my blood pressure high, and my heart rhythm abnormal.  The body was breaking as the mind tried to absorb the trauma.  My heart was literally broken, as the muscle was being torn apart and discarded by my body as waste.

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A Broken Heart Could Actually Kill You : Discovery News.

It is important for us to take care of our bodies at all times, but it is especially critical when we are under severe emotional distress.  Listen to your body and care for it.  Your life may depend upon it.

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  1. Well it’s true! The ghosting episode after a fairly good marriage, (in my imagination anyway), my wife just disappeared, she had help, and their betrayal as in treating me like I was some piece of shit was incredibly hurtful. Her son and one of her girlfriends knocked on my door on day one. I was in shock but able to open the door, they said nothing and rushed past me and started grabbing wife’s stuff, including meds. Her son guarded the door as if I was some criminal and he said nothing, after 22 years of knowing him and her??? What the hell is that?
    Anyway it put me in the hospital and I was unconscious for at least 5-6 hours, so I guess she did kill me didn’t she! They made me stay overnight until I was stabilized, I left with the report stating, “Condition Fair”. Not totally dead but felt like it.
    I’m recovering and only 60+ days out. I determined that I will get better and start work again.

    I always thought I was a strong person as I was a contractor and I’d build things on my own and move and place heavy timbers and stuff, this put me down hard.

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