When Gratitude is Your Wrapping Paper

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  1. nsymns says:

    Lisa, I think this was great!!
    I’ve not commented in quite awhile. Sometimes I’ve been horribly still stuck. Stuck with those reminders like you, of debt, of pain, grief…. whatever we can all think of to add. I’ve not progressed much in 5+ years, from the outside looking in but I see in myself that I’ve changed. For the better. Nobody is telling me what’s wrong with my attitude or I’m wearing something “wrong”. I’m being me again, without fear of being mocked or criticized. My laugh is much more real than before. I laugh longer and more often.
    I received a wonderful compliment awhile back that my laugh was contagious, from someone who’d only met me once before at my bank, and I said “THANK YOU” like I’d just won a million bucks!! In the past, I’d have felt awkward. It meant so much that I cried going back out of the bank. A good cry!! A happy cry!
    I come and go as I please except for my dog who goes with me wherever I can manage to take an 85 lb dog. She’s helped me through so much, and I know she won’t be with me as long as I’d like, but it’s my decision if I go out or if I stay in and I don’t feel guilty saying no anymore. I’ve found what’s healthy for my mental state of mind (most times), and nobody is taking care of me but me, and I’m now proud of the horrible times I never thought I’d get through or over, because I did. Without family and past friends, I’ve done it mainly alone, and I’m proud of that too.

    Thank you so much for this piece. It did more than just speak to me. It hollered, YES, this is perfect.
    I am very grateful for a handful of people who’ve become the friends I once thought I had, and I wouldn’t go back to those18 years like once I thought I couldn’t live without. I found what I needed.The ME that was buried for too long, and it’s so good when I notice that I feel a lot like her again, only better.

    Thanks again, & Happy Holidays to you & your loved ones. ✨🌟💫

    • stilllearning2b says:

      This brought tears to my eyes😊 I’m SO happy to hear about that beautiful laugh, your confidence and your independence. Go you!! Give that pup a belly scratch for me:)

  2. Thank you for this! I am getting to this point too. The wisdom we gain from pain is as mind blowing as it is heart wrenching. My deepest pain led me to Jesus. I’m thankful for all my exes now. My ex husband left when my girls were 1 and 5 for a woman he worked for. The grief was unlike anything I’ve ever known because I was NOT getting a divorce. I would have stayed had he not left. Now, I get to be chosen. I never would have known this kind of love by him. Flat on my face in pain and agony, the Lord wrapped His arms around me and asked me to share my heart and I lived the rest of this life. We LEARN from pain. I don’t like it, but I’m thankful for it in the aftermath.

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