How We Act When We’re Afraid of Losing Someone

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  1. Bonnie payne says:

    My husband nearly killed me. I was so shocked by his betrayal, I cried till my blood pressure was up to almost 200, my doctor was very concerned. I had no appetite and could not eat, lost 29 pounds in less than two months. What a shame that one human being, can do this to another! He wasn’t even worth near,y losing my life, in fact, he was hoping I would die, so he wouldn’t lose any money. I grieved for a long time, cried for 3 months, I’m in therapy, and realize you can’t make someone love you, he was in love with pornagaphy, and leading a double life, didn’t want me anymore. I hope one day I can find someone who will really love me, with all that goes with that. The death of a marriage is a terrible thing to the one who didn’t want it. I thank God every day I lived through it. Your book really helped me. Thank you for your emails, they help me a lot.

  2. Dawn says:

    Just reading this for the first time and I’m in tears. This has been me right down to the comment from Bonnie p. Lisa, your insights have been a God-send to me on this road of recovery from my broken failed marriage and divorce, especially and somehow profoundly today…Thank you.

  1. May 27, 2020

    […] When you’re afraid of losing something, grasping is a natural (although ultimately ineffective) response. When we feel a disconnect from our partners, we seek reassurance that everything is okay. […]

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