Advantages to Dating In Your 40s (and Beyond)

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  1. Sheila says:

    But where do you find these new relationships? I am a woman in her 60s, recovering from an unwanted divorce. I have joined various mixed groups, with “like minded” people – they are full of divorced women ! The men in their 60’s hone in on women in their 30’s and 40’s
    ( my ex left me for a woman 25 years younger). I don’t envisage a relationship with a man in his 80’s who wants a future carer, which is how it seems to play out.
    I do not trust dating sites. I feel destined to be on my own. I am learning to accept and just love myself.

    • vjalexander says:

      Yes, it’s challenging to find these new relationships (I’m 47); and yes, I have to agree that men in my bracket would prefer to date women in the age bracket below us; and yes (heavy sigh) dating sites are HORRID.

      But I’m not going to give up hope about meeting (and falling in love with) the man I envision, Until he and I meet, Like you I am focusing on loving myself, accepting that there is NOTHING wrong with traveling solo (or “always” with the gal pals), focusing on being the best version of me.

      Stilllearning2b’s post is truthful. As we age we become more comfortable in our own skin, firm in our beliefs, and less inclined to tolerate BS. Anytime I start to get discouraged I remind myself that being alone is a lot better than being miserable with someone.

      Sheila, Keep your chin up, shoulders back, and continue to push forward. You deserve the BEST…not left overs or to be an after thought.

  2. I was told by my co worker that second marriage is better.

    • vjalexander says:

      I would hope it would be better…at the very least (from the first marriage) we have learned what we don’t want…now to find the men that are at least in the same book of life we are in (if not the same chapter!!).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great article. Not ready to jump in the pool yet (still recovering from the 3 years of emotional shit thrown my way) … but it is scary. You make a lot of sense and remove some of that trepidation. Thanks Lisa

  4. Miss Hope says:

    I loved reading this! I’m in my 50s now and am nodding my head in agreement with every point you made. Still practicing vulnerability. Still hoping with faith believing my man is out there. Here is to all us 40+ men and women out there looking for our last first kisses.

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