16 Widespread Misconceptions About Marriage

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  1. samlobos says:

    Love this! I can relate to having had those idealistic views of what marriage “should” be

  2. Thank you Lisa, for your uncommon sense.
    Somehow you should roll this out to schools, to catch people at the beginning of their relationship lives.

    • stilllearning2b says:

      Thanks! I actually teach middle school. Obviously, I don’t stop my lesson on equations to talk about relationships, but I try to be a source of solid advice and a role model for the kids. The main qualities I try to instill are a respect for struggle and personal responsibility. It’s also interesting how many of my former students start following me in adulthood as they marry/breakup/divorce. 🙂

      • As a fellow math enthusiast I like the similarities between equations and relationships and that balance is essential.
        I can’t remember when I started following you but it was probably at a low point. Your cheery disposition sometimes grated, but I eventually understood. After four years of remembering who I am, I’m now at the beginnings of a relationship which feels much more balanced, so thank you for your uncommon sense.

        • stilllearning2b says:

          I would have been annoyed at me too when I was in the thick of it:)

          SO glad to hear that the new relationship is following the rules of equations!!!

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