Homeless In Life: Overcoming Emotional Isolation After Divorce

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  1. rosieworsley says:

    I love this article! Articulates how so many people are feeling and gives practical tips on how to overcome the terrible feelings which you feel. Well done! I am just about to post my latest article on ‘New Relationships’. It’s quite long but I hope it will resonate with people.

  2. SeekingGod2 says:

    This is a great list. Hard to do most of this as you’re going through the situation. But helpful reminders, nonetheless.

  3. isra7726 says:

    loved it!

  4. Theforceisstrong says:

    Sooooo good and comforting. My now ex girlfriend of 12 years ended our relationship the end of March this year, a week after our baby turned 1 years old in our new house which we moved into an month before. I was still recovering from a burn out which started in June 2015. And you think you know someone. Our eldest daughter (4,5 years) is confused and very sad. I’m so sad for my liitle girls and how she manipulates them with her evil mother.

    Lisa your words empower me and put the focus back on me. Loved the article about apology, I was so mad that she doesn’t even want to apologize but reading what you wrote made me see clearer. Thank you.

    • You are so welcome. Never give someone else the keys to your happiness.

      • GLo says:

        The article is great and relieving. Human beings are social. If we lose somebody important, that can have devastating impacts. Of course, you are the only one responsible for your happiness, however, after major devastating events, life is not the same anymore. The keys to happiness are lost for a long time and other close people do have an enormous impact on us. I am happy with myself, but bliss, I only feel with the person I love and who loves me back (like the icing on the cake). Thank you.

    • GLo says:

      I wonder how you are doing today, a year after your separation from your baby girls.

  5. Excellent! Facing your pain is a very important thing to do, very very tough but very good for you in the long run.

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