Are You a Reliable Witness?

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  1. zombiedrew2 says:

    You touch on something here that is actually really important to the realm of relationships. I think it came from John Gottman’s “love lab”, but he found that couples who are in trouble usually have a hard time remembering the details of specific “high points” in the relationship, while couples who are doing well usually are better able to agree on those things.

    The brain is an interesting thing. Take something like affairs – people engaging in them often “rewrite” the conditions of their relationship in a distorted way and are able to convince themselves that their distorted view is the reality.

    Same thing with things like depression and anxiety disorders.

    We all see the world through the filters of our experiences, so it makes sense that different people are able to interpret the same actions and events differently.

    But it is fascinating that our memories of the past are malleable, and we can convince ourselves after the fact that our memories are quite different from how we interpreted them in the moment.

  2. Liv says:

    I just saw a show about these people who had digital memory implanted so they could review everything that they saw, zoom in, lip read…I don’t think the memory is made to be like that. Memories are supposed to fade. The more vivid ones will stick around – and they’re probably more important. You make a good point about living in the now.

  3. Marie Powers says:

    What a wonderful excercise! Life long lesson learned as long as make an effort to remember it. That teacher must have been a great one.

    • She was:) As a teacher myself now, it’s interesting to realize that my best teachers were the ones who faced the least amount of directive about how and what to teach from the state.

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