When the Going Gets Tough

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  1. AthenaC says:

    This is all so very true – I’m at a point in my marriage where my husband and I can kinda dance around each other’s crisis management styles, not take the inevitable friction personally, avoid a fight until emotions calm down, and then finally solve the issue when we are both feeling better. It took a lot of time (and a lot of fights!) to get here, but it sure feels great.

  2. dew5 says:

    my husband and I just had a nasty fight over politics and he made me out to be a child whose decisions are based on whose the cutist candidate. I told him to f* off and this is the first time I stood up for myself. He came to me 3 hours later asking about the chicken I was about to put in the oven and we just kinda made up without saying sorryor feeling the need to. We just didn’t take the fight on as you suggest and let it define us. I am so glad to have read this today. You made some really good points!!!

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