When To Throw in the Towel on Your Relationship

In my opinion, one of the best parts of being abandoned is never having to wrestle with the thought of, “Should I stay or should I go?” Or even, “Will he or she stay?” There is no decision to be made about throwing in the towel. Instead, one day, you blindly reach your arm out of the shower only to learn that the towel has been removed while you were busy trying to rinse shampoo out of your eyes.

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Ending a relationship is rarely a clear-cut decision. There’s the matter of time invested. And hope for change. And usually the bad parts are at least somewhat offset with some good.

But sometimes a relationship needs to end. It’s a personal choice; one no one else can make for you. I’ve read many lists of when to stick it out and when to call it quits, but I think this one is probably one of the best I’ve come across. Clear and direct for when your thoughts are anything but.

It’s a good guide to help you decide if you should throw in the towel or maybe just add a little more fabric softener next time you throw it in the wash.

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2 thoughts on “When To Throw in the Towel on Your Relationship

  1. Not making an effort is a critical indicator. You can’t fix or sustain a relationship on your own. My ex had told me for years that “a relationship shouldn’t take too much effort”. That should have been a sign that he doesn’t believe relationships need work. He never worked on our marriage, that I could tell and in the end, refused to go to counseling, talk to a priest, read a book, etc.

  2. I know that my marriage is over my husband dont talk to me or Nothing this been going on for about five years He is always angry with me what husband u know has a wife n Family n dont have NOTHING at all to do with them We sleep in different bedrooms He ignores us It’s just like we’re Not there.

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