Be Willing to Walk Away

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  1. Great post. So very true. I it’s funny you know when you should do it, but do you do it? I catch myself there these days. Thanks for the great post.

  2. LesleyPearl says:

    Yes. I wish I would have read this before a third date this past summer. I wasn’t willing to walk away. I set aside what I knew was true and right for me because I wasn’t willing to walk away. I compromised myself. And then he walked away. Thank you, Lisa.

  3. shdwmage says:

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    This is a very true post.

  4. LesleyPearl says:

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    I wish I would have had this a few months ago…when I wasn’t willing to walk away from a man. There were all sorts of red flags. I knew he had an unkind tongue. He said things that took my breath away. Not in a good way. Things like “What’s up with the Jews?” (Knowing I am Jewish.) And “I’m not into fat chicks.” (Knowing I had been overweight…and so had he.) His communications via text and phone were erratic at best. But just like Lisa writes here, I (unconsciously) believed I needed something he had to give, and in the process I leap-frogged right over my own boundaries. It now seems terribly obvious, and somehow harshly poetic, that because I wasn’t willing to walk away, he was. And did.

    However, I recently did walk away from a different situation. There was no great betrayal. No terrible harm. In fact, there was no real “there there.” I just knew in my bones I was no longer available to and for the possibility being offered. Or as my Divorce Buddy once said, “That was a limited time offer, and sadly, the offer has expired.”

    Simple language. Difficult lesson. But I am learning.

  5. This is so true. I am finally at a point w here I am able to walk away if I know someone isnt right for me. In fact, I feel myself growing quite detached. I don’t know if thats a good thing or a bad thing. It’s probably a kind of protective mechanism.
    Happy thanksgiving to you!

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