Been Rejected? 6 Reasons It May NOT Be About You

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  1. Strong says:

    I’m a few days behind but THIS was particularly eye-opening to me: “I’ve always found it funny/sad how we classify marital success purely by its duration.”. Also, this phrase: “they’re taking the nuclear option and you’re in the blast zone.” I turned it all in after the blindsided nuclear blast. Still trying (almost a year later) to fight my way out of that self-contained bag of lies. Didn’t help that he left me with an email of the 8 deficients I had as compared to his new 28-year-younger other woman (that I didn’t know about at the time).

    • stilllearning2b says:

      I had a similar email (well, it was actually sent to his other wife and my mom). Took years to wipe those words from my heart.

      I am so sorry that you had a similar email. I hope that you’re able to see those words as his ammunition and not take them to heart.

  2. “Just because it happened to you doesn’t mean it happened because of you”

    Absolutely love it. Your writing has developed so beautifully!! SO excited to catch up on what I’ve missed :))

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