Five Steps to Happiness After Unwanted Divorce

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  1. Brian Hromadka says:

    Great tips. Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry for the pain and loss you experienced. I wish you all the love and joy in the world as you reaffirm your personal beauty and value and write better life chapters then you ever envisioned before.
    What are your thoughts on forgiving your ex. Accepting that they did what was right for them?? And continuing to love your ex after divorce. (Not in a conditional or expecting way, but because you choose love over hate or indifference, and you want to continue to give them the love they have enjoyed and deserve. – as we all deserve love) Do you believe its possible to do this while also building a life that is not affected by their antics?

    • stilllearning2b says:

      Forgiveness is such a personal thing. For me, I needed to forgive so I could release the energy surrounding him and what happened. In my opinion, the ideal position is one of detached compassion. But that is far easier said than done.

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