In the Best Relationships

In the best relationships, each partner acts as both student and teacher.

As a student, you approach each situation within your marriage with curiosity. You listen to learn rather than respond. You accept that there are areas where you are still learning and improving. You see yourself not only as you are, but as you can be. You understand that mistakes are part of learning and starting over means you’re applying the lessons. You strive to not be right, but to be better.

As a teacher, you want to challenge your partner because you see their potential and promise. You accept them as they are while encouraging them to be what they can. You share your strengths and help them develop their own. You celebrate their successes and find joy in their learning. You honor their wisdom while sharing your own.

And together you become better.

Not by completing each other.

But by supporting and challenging each other in equal measure.

Because when both partners are both student and teacher, there are no life lessons that cannot be mastered.

Thank you for sharing!

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