The Husband Test

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  1. Aah. I like this man. <3

  2. momfawn says:

    I think you found a really good man this time! – Fawn

  3. Hank says:

    Although I am done with the marriage dance, it is interesting to see what some women find of most importance for whatever the reason. On the same token, the ability of a woman to drive a vehicle is very important in the same way it is very important for a man to have a woman who can drive his ass to the hospital. On the same line, I find it important for a woman to be able to handle a vehicle, a weapon, and such things which would be important in a bad situation.

    The emphases upon the male providing protection and support goes both ways. I have also found that despite all the hoo haa over female empowerment issues, when rubber hits the road, there are still things women want men to do for them that could be seen as archaic or sexist by some. It has also been interesting that although women have driven the movement for men to be primary care givers, women do not have the respect for men who do so as they might like to pretend in public.

    I was most impressed that you said you were able to reach the clutch. It is rare that I would trust a woman to drive me, yes, I said it, but it would bring a little smile knowing that the woman I am with can drive a standard and able to work a clutch. Pretty manicures and outfits are nice to look at but the ability of a woman to work a clutch reflects a practical side to a woman that some women think is unimportant.

    • I’ve never owned an automatic:)

    • Erin Skelly says:

      I bought a new car just before filing for divorce last year, and I decided to buy a manual transmission, despite the fact that I didn’t know how to drive one. The dealership taught me (AFTER I signed the dotted line, of course!), and I drove it home (into the city!) that day.

      One of the most empowering and best things I ever did. It was one of the first steps I took towards reclaiming my life. A week later, I drove that car to see my family, and while talking with my mom’s boss, he said he heard the story about how I learned to drive on the lot and drove it home the same day. He said, “That takes some serious b*lls, to do what you did!”

      So I know whatever comes up, whatever I have to face, I just remember that triumph, and think, “I’ve got serious b*lls. I can handle this.”

  4. This is a good man! I will have to remember this one.

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