A Blogger’s Lament: A Note to WordPress

It feels like you’ve gone from alpha to beta,

From starting string to sideline player.

The changes you’ve made (meant to improve)

Have knocked me out of my blogging groove.

The colors, the scale, the overall tools

Feels like something designed by and for Playschool.

My posts, which I used to find with a click

Are now hidden behind walls so very thick.

My notification flag constantly glows

Even after I’ve read all that it knows.

My reader has turned from a thing of real beauty

Into a place that I visit only from duty.

The map feature that’s added refuses to load

And the blogging experience has entirely slowed.

So, please, WordPress, If you know what’s best,

Return to your roots and let us do the rest.


Thank you for sharing!

18 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Lament: A Note to WordPress

  1. looking for buddha again – I'm a divorcing dad. Betrayed via infidelity by my wife. I love my kids and miss the wholenss of my family. I never thought this could happen to us. I always thought we would be that special couple and be together forever. But... Fast forward. Now divorced and it still sucks.
    looking for buddha again says:


  2. I agree. I am finding the new reader virtually impossible to use. I seem to keep missing posts – and they seem to appear in no definite order.

  3. lynette – Working my way through the transitions that come with midlife, learning to march to my own true rhythm, and searching for peace, love, connection, and happiness.
    lynette says:

    I so agree with you! I don’t like the new version at all — so not-user-friendly!

  4. ourlifein3d – Life In 3D started as my Daddy Day Dare. I became a stay at home Dad years ago. My fast-paced professional life was thrown in reverse as I taught phonics and watched yet another episode of Dora The Explorer. Now, many years later, my girls are starting to grow up a little. 'Cute and cuddly' is being replaced with homework, spankings and braces. Check in from time to time to see how this experiment continues to evolve. See if I can survive as the only male in the house. I will offer our stories on the girls' escapades; never dull and hopefully amusing!
    Our Life In 3D says:


  5. elizabeth2560 – ABOUT ALMOST SPRING Two and a half years ago my 37 year marriage ended suddenly through no choice of my own. I survived the heartache. I have taken control of my present. I am planning my own destiny, which is moving onwards to a life of purpose and meaning. This is my journey.
    elizabeth2560 says:

    PS: Did you write this? You are a poet? I think you have missed your calling! 🙂

  6. Brilliant! It rhymes, makes sense, is true and is funny haha. Love it 🙂


    1. Thanks!

      Blogging, something I used to adore
      Has started to become more of a chore
      Perhaps WordPress will think to take this advice
      And reinstall the elements that once were so nice:)

      1. Haha, nice 😉 I bet you could drive your friends crazy by conversing exclusively in rhyme lol!


          1. Haha, aww, I’m sure they love it 🙂 I certainly didn’t have a bubbly rhyming teacher in 8th grade, I wouldn’t have liked that 🙂


              1. I really must pee
                If I don’t go I will burst
                Please let me go, miss


                  1. Oh my god! Those poor kids lol >.<


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