Sometimes It’s About What You Can Reach

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  1. Rick says:

    For a reason unknown to me, this post brought a smile to my face.

  2. rascalfoxx says:

    LOL made me laugh out loud… the 4 year old inside you is alive and well. and very funny.

    But a great lesson in going with the regular and REACHABLE spice.

    As to the chair… 😀

    So I’m wondering if that principle applies to girlfriends. . . the ones close by, the ones farther away, the ones with smoky flavoring, hmmmmmmm. (stay calm feministas, lol)

    • Just watch out for the bitter ones;)

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      • rascalfoxx says:

        LOL the ones that belong to the BDW’s club?
        (Bitter Divorced Women)
        Yes, there are Bitter Divorced Men, who do a lot of whining no doubt. I don’t know any since those people are toxic and to be avoided. I try hard to always speak of a former spouse in terms of them being a very good person with many great qualities but there being some differences such that we are not a match. And that she no doubt felt relieved by the divorce as well as my being relieved. And those things are true. So, it’s easier for everyone to have that perspective. I think. imo. 😀

  3. Michelle Stevens says:

    Maybe she is saying that the hot spicy guy might be out of your reach, but maybe you should go with the ordinary guy that’s right there. He will always be there. You can depend on him.

  4. Next time go bold….reach for the easy-to-get turmeric!!!

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