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2 thoughts on “How to Incorporate Meditation Into Everyday Life

  1. “A lot of people don’t want to look in and take responsibility”……..For some it is the monkey for others it is the snake. In my experience to sit still with only my self was like swimming with snakes, I was overcome by a sense of terror over the person I had become. Only through acceptance and forgiveness was I able see there was more than that to who I am and then go on to cultivate a sense of what is referred to as loving kindness.
    Meditation was also seductive in that I wanted to allow more time with it at the expense of involvement in other areas. I began to resent anything that kept me from it. Yes I found a way to abuse the practice of meditation but that lead to finding a way to carry what I may have gained into daily life while engaging the world. Some days it is better than others, awareness is not selective.

    1. Isn’t it interesting how even the healthiest habits can become destructive when taken too far. I am guilty of this with diet and exercise. More is not always better.

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