Spreadsheets Can be Useful Dating Tools

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  1. rumourwriter says:

    You go girl! My partner and I were talking about what we would do if we lost each other and I shuddered to think about where I would get the strength to even get out of bed without her around. Having faced betrayal and loss in one fell swoop to have come to the point that you are now speaks of an incredible survival instinct.

    • I never thought I could survive the loss of him; it was my biggest (and paralyzing) fear. When it occurred, I had to make a choice: either lay down and let it destroy me, or choose to use the experience to grow and help others. The decision was an easy one. The road has not been. But, I am very happy with where this road has led me and where it will go from here.
      Thank you for your support:)

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  2. December 8, 2012

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  3. July 28, 2016

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