Five Reasons My Cat is Smarter Than Me

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  1. Bekah Groop says:

    I love this 🙂 When my parents split up when I was a kid, our family dog was a mess. He stopped eating, drinking, going for walks…he was textbook depressed! Once he moved in with my mom and all of us kids, he was much perkier and got back to his natural state. It’s amazing how these creatures can fall into so many “human” emotions.

  2. nuno says:

    Loved this post! Its really great how cats can really tell the mood you are in. I remember when I was a kid and there was this cat that could barely stand me. It was so bad, that the cat wouldn’t even come closer than 10 meters from me (seriously). Anyway, one week I got so sick I could barely stand up… and lo and behold…. There was the kitty. Napping on my chair, checking to see how I was doing.

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