A Note of Gratitude

I wanted to take a moment to extend a note of gratitude to all of my readers, both those of you that have followed the blog from its inception over five years ago and those of you that just recently signed on. You’re all an important part of this site.

I have heard from so many of you, describing your raw emotions and challenging situations and in many cases, relating your triumph over such hardship. I grieve with you when you share your sorrows and I celebrate with you when you find freedom and peace. And I admire the strength and determination that shine through your words.

I am thankful for the ideas you give me for posts, both offered explicitly and those suggested in your replies. Without all of you, my well of ideas would have dried up long ago.

I especially appreciate those of you that are so generous with reaching out and helping other readers, offering encouragement, advice or even just a, “Me too.” I’ve always visualized this as a place where everyone can extend a hand to help someone who is a step behind. In that way, we can all make it through.

Thank you for your support, both of this blog and of each other. Without you, this site would not exist.

With humble gratitude,



6 thoughts on “A Note of Gratitude

  1. It’s been wonderful to watch you grow and heal through the years. I remember the way you were that day in the I-20 rest area and to see you so strong and happy makes me happy.

  2. While I responded only a few times, you have made such a difference in my life these last years. I am just a few months behind you in my gaslighting experience. While it may have not been as dramatic (no bigamy) it was definitely similar in surprise. While I have not made quite the same progress as you in moving on, I have found your words supportive and a light in some dark times. Many thanks, Lisa. You have made an incredible difference to me. Keep on writing, Mrs. Math Teacher…your insight and way with words keeps me going.

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