An Attitude of Gratitude

After a couple years of doing solo yoga in my office, I just connected with a new-to-me studio that has an “It’s safe to relax here” vibe and instructors that keep you on your toes.

Often literally.

I was able to indulge in a 10:00 class today (thank you school vacation!) and I followed that with a lunch at a new-to-me place across from the studio.

Can you even with this view???

The combination of the sweat, the view and the sweet potato fries (and, okay, the fact that they replaced hallways filled with screaming teenagers:) ) made me smile.

And say, “Thank you.”

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2 thoughts on “An Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Ever since I discovered your blog and Chumplady’s, I’m so grateful to you both for the encouragement and wisdom that has supported me since my traumatic discovery of my ex-husband’s secret sex addiction and subsequent end of our 32 year marriage.

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