The Sun Is Always Shining (Even When Clouds Are In the Way)

One of my favorite analogies in mediation compares thoughts to clouds passing across the sky. It is often mentioned that the sun is always shining even when its light is temporarily obscured. Similarly, negative or anxious thoughts do not mean that there is not light, it just means that you cannot see it for a time.

Meditation teaches you to note the clouds without judgement and without trying to change them. It teaches you to trust that they are temporary and also inevitable. It teaches you to be at peace in the shade and also to be aware and grateful for the moments of light.

The literal sun, along with the first fall temperatures of the year, blessed the final few days of my fall break. It was enough to convince me to put off some responsibilities and instead head up into the mountains to play.


And play was exactly what I needed:)

Feeling grateful for the opportunity and the reminder that the sun is always shining even when clouds are in the way.

Thank you for sharing!

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    Love, Laughter & Truth says:

    Clouds are in my sky right now but I know the sun is always there waiting to shine again.

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