Guest Post – Lifestyle Analysis in Divorce Proceedings: Uncovering Hidden Assets

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  1. Beverly says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have no idea how to prepare, and I haven’t yet consulted an attorney.

  2. Patrick says:

    Great post for anyone on what to expect (applies in CA). In my experience, a contentious divorce will have false information that can be difficult to prove unless you have an unlimited amount of money to spend on finding the truth. At some point you will have to cut your losses and swallow a bitter pill. All just part of Family Law. Better days lie ahead.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. Hidden assets are tricky and good luck proving they even exist or did exist. People that do these things are cowards, insecure, capitalists, and use people for their own gain, security, and perhaps out of spite, anger, vengeance..etc. even if the person on the receiving end doesn’t deserve what they are being dealt. You are right that one needs to weigh emotional and financial costs and outcomes and try to forgive themselves for trusting the wrong person or people and try to move forward regardless of the limited options that they may be left with.

  3. ifonlymommy says:

    It is so very overwhelming. I find myself researching EVERYTHING just to make sure I’m not getting screwed or to make sure everything is worded a certain way. I have had to educate myself through the entire process so that I’ll feel confident that everything I sign is as close to perfect as possible. It’s exhausting. I often think about people who trust too much, or believe our court system is fair and flawless, and miss important details. I obsess about the details, trying to prevent it from happening to me.
    Divorce is a B I T C H!

  4. This is a great post. I wish I read this years ago when I went through mine. I went through hell and back, I didn’t know anything and paid a huge financial and emotional price for it. I’ve got a post on my blog about the emotional turmoil I experienced, for those who are about to go through this process, please come visit my blog. Good luck xx

  5. L.J. Burke says:

    The one thing you need to spend money on during your divorce is a good attorney! That doesn’t always mean that the more expensive, the better the lawyer though. Case in point, my divorce. My lawyer was very fair with his fee’s, but more importantly was he did such a good job. He really cared about me and my boys. He wasn’t the most expensive, but certainly not the cheapest. I did my homework and got recommendations from others that went through some horrible divorces. My ex had a lawyer that worked out of a broom closet and was taking her for a ride. He told her to commit perjury and pulled all kinds of crazy stunts. I checked him out and he had a couple of drunk driving convictions and lots of tax trouble. He also had troubles paying his bills. NOT somebody you want representing you. I appealed to her and asked her to get rid of him. A bad lawyer will drag the process on and on for their own gain. It took her one very long year to figure out this guy was an ambulance chaser and she fired him. Then she got a very expensive lawyer from a fancy law firm whose specialty was immigration and tax law. She was better than the last, but made lots of mistakes and drug the proceedings on longer than they had to be. It was all so frustrating, thank God for my lawyer. Good luck to all of you and make sure you get the right lawyer for the job!!

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