Get Used to Disappointment

Well, maybe not disappointment so much as having expectations, making plans and then having to discard them. Again. And again.

I planned and prepared for a presentation I was supposed to give this past Monday.

And then school was canceled because of ice.

I prepared and stressed over a medical procedure that was scheduled for this past Tuesday.

And then the doctor’s office had to close because of that same ice.

I anticipated using Wednesday (where I already had a sub scheduled) to work on a project.

And then a massive headache turned production into endurance.

I reworked my lesson plans for the next few weeks assuming that we would be back in school by Thursday.

And then school was cancelled yet again.

I wore hiking boots to school on Friday in anticipation of another walk home from work in the ice like last year’s debacle.

And then the promised storm didn’t arrive until later.

And today? I’m just grateful that the colds that have plagued us are fading, the weather is warming and I don’t have too much more time to stress before the rescheduled doctor’s appointment.

Ahh…life. She certainly keeps us on our toes, doesn’t she? 🙂

Happy Saturday, everyone! Spring is just around the corner.

Thank you for sharing!

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