Keep Calm. Karma Has Your Back.


Karma. She’s pretty awesome.

It’s funny how time changes things. I used to have a driving need to “make him pay.” Then, I lost the need to be his judge and jury, but I still wanted to know that he faced the consequences of his choices.


Now, I actually want him to be okay. Far away. But okay.

But ultimately, what happens to him isn’t up to me.

It’s up to him.

Because when you do good, good has a way of doing back to you.

And when you do bad…

Well, let’s just say bad holds a grudge and carries a big stick.


For those who missed it last spring, here is my episode of Karma’s a B*tch, Till Debt Do Us Part. It’s available in two formats:

On iTunes for $2.99

On Amazon Instant Video from $1.99

It’s interesting to see the story played out in live action.


And while we’re on a karma theme, here are some great karma quotes. Enjoy:) And remember, karma’s always watching.


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