A Brief Update on Ms. Kitty

Since having her food relocated to the basement, Maddy (a.k.a., Ms. Kitty) has developed the opinion that the basement is The Coolest Place ever. I’m sure it helps that we sweetened (okay, probably not the right word here, perhaps ‘fishened’?) the deal with plenty of kitty treats. Now, rather than us trying to cajole her down the stairs, she spends time plotting how she can get her humanoid kibble dispensers to join her in her subterranean lair. She has also (wisely) decided that my office carpet is a site more suited for early morning cuddles than for relieving one’s bowels.

And I swear she was laughing this morning as she watched from her sheltered perch her doggy brother do his business in the rain.

I call that a win-win:)


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