When the rains come, we can let them drown us.

Or, we can let them fuel us.

Here, you will find understanding, motivation and inspiration.

How to Thrive Even When Life is One Day at a Time

Sometimes, we have a five-year plan. Other times, we’re just wondering if we can survive the next hour. And we all need help when life is one day at a time. In that will-I-make-it-through-the-day phase after divorce, I made a little checklist for myself. Actually, that’s not quite true because my brain was too all…

After Being Cheated On: When We’re Told to “Get Over It”

Why “Get Over It” is Misdirected We Wish We Could When we’ve been betrayed, we want nothing more than for the pain to go away. We try to bargain with it, under the desperate illusion that if we can just unlock the secret code, everything will go back to the way it was. Often, we…

The 10 Worst Platitudes to Hear After Divorce or Infidelity

As soon as the divorce or infidelity is public, the platitudes begin to rain down from loved ones and strangers alike. They can feel so off-base and tone deaf in the moment, even when they’re coming from a place of care and concern. What makes these platitudes sting and what wisdom might we gleam from…

6 Reasons People Lie in Relationships

People lie in relationships for myriad reasons, some of which are more egregious than others. By understanding the motivation behind their mistruths, you have some insight into their thought process and a sense of the likelihood that they will continue their deceptions. 6 Reasons People Lie in Relationships:   1 – They Are Ashamed of…

Is It Love? 10 Things We Confuse For Love

When we feel it, it seems so clear – this must be love! Yet in hindsight, sometimes the glossy coating starts to chip away and we realize that those intense and very real feelings weren’t love, but actually something else.   Is it love? Or, is it…   Limerence The year was 1991. Even though…


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