Today, I’m Grateful

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  1. Kate Me says:

    You are an awesome lady and so deserve all the love and good that you have in your life. You are an inspiration to me that there can be true healing after a life changing traumatic event. I have already strengthened my bond of love with my wonderful family members and friends. They teach me so much about choosing what is truly important in this life. They show me that I matter. I look back much less frequently to the partner and family that did not see my worth and so easily walked away and left me to fend for myself, after giving them so much of me. My current challenge of choice is embracing my grown step children, though they bring up memories that hurt, I want to be strong enough to embrace them as the people they are and let them know I will not abandon them. I want to be able to express the love and pride I feel for them and the lives they have made for themselves.

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