Looking For the Sun

It’s been a rough few weeks.

It turns out having a puppy on forced bed rest with a broken leg is a lot like having a newborn. He’s up throughout the night (necessitating my sleeping on the sofa). Feedings and medications seem to endlessly cycle throughout the day. He can’t be left alone, leaving both my husband and I feeling frustrated and trapped and irritable (especially when he eats his cast and requires a new one).

In my zombified state, I’ve walked out of the house for work with only one earring in and with my hair only halfway in a ponytail. Instead of baby spit-up on my clothes, I have leaves and dog hair and mud from the crazy routine needed to hold up a 60-lb dog’s back end while they use the bathroom during a wet (but thankfully, warm) winter.

Adding to it, I’ve been sick. Not the flu (thank goodness!), but a sinus infection/bronchitis with a dash of pneumonia that I let go for far too long without medical intervention. (Again, like with a newborn, I’ve had no time or energy to take care of my own needs). It’s taken almost a week of heavy-duty medications to get my breathing back under some semblance of control.

And yet…

My dog wags his tail every time I enter the room. And needing to keep him calm leaves room for lots of puppy snuggles.

His injury may have interrupted normal puppy socialization and training, but it has made us bond with him faster and has accelerated trust.

My husband and I may be frustrated with the situation (and at times, each other), but we’re working together as a team to get through this.

My husband has a break from the house for a few days (he’s actually recording a television show!!!) and I’m hopeful that he’ll be able to recharge.

The current rainy weekend and being tied to the house will give me plenty of time to catch up on much-needed rest (especially because the pupster is now sleeping through the night again!).

Amazon Prime is amazing when you need supplies for work and home and you’re not able to get to the store.

And, most importantly, this too shall pass.

Kazh gets re-xrayed on the 20th and will hopefully receive clearance to be a puppy again (although probably one with a peanut butter addiction after the amount we’ve used to get his medications down!). My cough will eventually fade and I’ll be able to lace up my running shoes or roll out my yoga mat. My husband and I will be able to re-engage in normal life and actually leave the house together.

And this dreary and rainy February will be followed with sunny days.




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