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  1. Lawrence J. Carson II – Physically Located In Meridian/Boise, Idaho. Consciously, \"?\" Not at any one location. – As a semiretired Executive, Business Coach, Referee and Cheerleader for some 550 US Businesses; Two large Public Employee Retirement System turnaround projects; CPA, NLP Practitioner; President/CEO for Intelligent Insights, LLC, and Guest Speaker my focused passion is to assist individuals and business owners to gain an incredible edge in creating opportunities via introducing unique applications of problem solving principles, tools and practices. I now offer Expeditionary Workshops for the Un-Ordinary that Intuitively Sense ... they Really Do Not Understand the Reality Generator of Who They are ... While Playing Inside and Outside of CREST's ... (Conscious Resonating Energy-Space-Time) States of Awareness.
    lawrencecarson says:

    You are definitely traveling the Universe with the passport of NOW … No Ordinary Woman! WOW … a Woman Of Wonder! Nice writing.

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