Suggestions Wanted

Today was a day where my expectations ran head-first at a high rate of speed into reality.

Expectations = students will master solving systems of linear equations by substitution

Reality = a steady snowfall all day and kids hopefully anticipating an early release and/or snow day tomorrow

Here’s the Great Atlanta Blizzard of 2016. Note the grass still clearly poking through.


Consequences = I’m filled with a frazzled energy shaken not stirred with a mixer of frustration

And here’s where I’d love some help –

My usual response when I feel this way is to go for a run (or at the very least, a walk) to burn off the excess energy, bleed the frustration and reset my brain.

This was in the Birchbox I received today. Timely:)

The problem? I’m recovering from pneumonia right now and even a flight of stairs has me out of breath.

So no running. No walking. And not even really any yoga to speak of.

And I’m out of ideas.

So I’m open to suggestions.

Any thoughts on ways to release energy and frustration that don’t require any physical exertion?

Please, help me out here! 🙂


Thank you for sharing!

5 thoughts on “Suggestions Wanted

  1. First I love the difference in snow events between your there and my here. My yard in central NY looks almost identical to yours. As the snow is falling we call this a dusting of snow. 😀 Having MCS, I am often in your predicament that I can’t make my body do what I want it too. So I allow my brain to take me to curious places I wouldn’t normally go. For example: a few years back when I could still teach — while I was immobile one Saturday — I watched a video about the child soldiers because of a conversation with one of my students — this led me to watch another online video from a woman pointing out the need to look at the cause of how this atrocity could occur in the first place — which led me to check out a water charity — which led to me to starting a fund raiser with my class (which turned into with the entire building and beyond) to help build a well in Africa. <3 Daydreaming can take you all sorts of interesting places. Hope you feel better soon.

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