Dealing With Divorce? There’s An App For That

Divorce can be alienating. It often feels as though you’re the only one dealing with the stuff you’re dealing with. At least in your usual social circles, where most people tend to sugar-coat and Photoshop.

There is a new and rapidly-growing community that aims to fill that void. To be the go-to for advice, inspiration and connection. A place where you can tell it like it is without fear of losing your friends. People you can turn to who have been there and done that (and maybe even used your soon-to-be-ex’s attorney as well). And a place where you can use what you have learned to help others as well.

And the coolest part? They just released an app, so it’s now easy to access on your mobile devices. Here’s the press release that also gives the motivation behind the site.

The idea behind the community is to help give you back your power during divorce through education, support and hope.

From the DivorceForce site:

How DivorceForce Empowers:

1) DivorceForce provides valuable information for people affected by divorce. DivorceForce is a combination of user-generated content with people sharing their experiences, original articles commissioned by DivorceForce and professional advice.DivorceForce delivers guidance on every topic related to divorce and relationships. There is a lot of information out there that is complex and hard to decipher. It’s difficult to know what is credible and what isn’t. DivorceForce has built a beautifully designed and easy to use, mobile app and website offering personalized content to each member.

2) Divorce is a community to bring people together whether they are contemplating, navigating, or have gone through divorce. DivorceForce users provide unique insights and personalized engagement to educate and support its community. It’s members include people like you as well as experts in many fields including legal, counseling, finance, dating, and much more.

3) DivorceForce provides the ability to connect with people in similar situations. Every divorce is unique and it is valuable to find people who may be at the same stage of divorce as you, beginning a custody battle, going through a forensic audit, or having just filed for divorce. DivorceForce members can connect with others in similar divorce situations. Think about the great value in being able to talk to someone who has appeared in front of the same judge or faced your spouse’s attorney.

DivorceForce is available at , and in both the iTunes and Google Play stores. Join the community. Engage with others. Offer advice and share your experiences. Recommend DivorceForce to your friends, family, and colleagues or someone you know that needs inspiration and help.

So download the free app or check out the website. Ask an anonymous question or help somebody else with their dilemma. Think of DivorceForce as social media with a purpose – it’s building connections to help everybody impacted by divorce come through stronger, wiser and freer.

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