What Took Me So Long?

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  1. Well probably I should have divorced right aftery twins were born, lots of reasons why.

  2. Mark says:

    This resonates so strongly with me. I am an adapter. Unless I consciously do otherwise, I simply adapt to whatever situation/environment I’m in.

  3. Jana says:

    I waited too long to start living for myself instead of everyone else. I’m now in a hiking group, I joined a book club, I get fairly regular facials and massages, I take classes to learn how to make fused glass, tamales, and wonderful tapas, I socialize and (gasp) even throw parties, and I’m always up for a weekend road trip or adventure. I sometimes wonder – if I had been this loving to myself while I was married and had a life outside of him, perhaps things might have been different. Or, perhaps they would have fallen apart much faster, as he may not have been inclined to share. It doesn’t matter now, I guess – I’m just focusing on living for today instead of the past or future.

  4. Hair dryer. It sucked. Instead of blowed. ;). Happy with the new one.

  5. Deb says:

    I waited far too long to use all the special soaps, creams and candles that we all seem to accumulate. Now, I’m going through my old stash, and all the little packages of testers that I’ve pulled out of magazines for years, and enjoying experiencing all the different scents and textures.

  6. Rebecca Slone says:

    I waited too long to be happy. I stayed in a controlling marriage for 5 years even though I knew from the beginning that he was manipulating me and taking away my independence. I did it because of fear of being alone. But now that he is gone I have been able to purchase the things that I want and not have to give in to anyone else’s wants. I am now happy and confident. I just wish I would of done this 5 years ago and would of listened to my family.

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