What Took Me So Long?

What took me so long?

I’ve muttered under my breath for the past three weeks all while mentally kicking myself for being so stupid. Stubborn. Slow to act.

I’m not even sure what was motivating (okay, demotivating) my actions (or non-actions, I suppose).

I think some of comes down to not wanting to admit to myself that I made a mistake.

That I chose poorly.

Over five years ago, I moved from the spare bedroom in my friend’s home to my own apartment. And I was starting from scratch. As in, I didn’t even own a towel, much less a spoon. And so, like the list-maker I am, I researched the bigger products and price-shopped the smaller ones. I then compiled a spreadsheet of everything I would need.

And for the most part, I’ve been very happy with my choices as they’ve seen me through that apartment and into a new marriage and a new home.

But there was one exception.

One lemon amongst the rest.

The food processor/blender combo.

I never owned a food processor before because I never really cooked that much before. But that was before the tsunami, before I learned the importance of nurturing myself and before I became acclimated to my friend’s food processor. As a health-conscious vegetarian, I chop a lot of vegetables. And I mean A LOT. And I’m not fast about it, thus the decision to buy a machine that would simplify this for me.

But mine was nothing like hers. The blade became jammed on the stem upon its inaugural use, making both removing the food and cleaning the device a limb-threatening exercise. There apparently was some wormhole in the machine, because huge pieces of vegetable matter could escape the whirling dervish of the blades seemingly unscathed.

But the worst part was the size. Or, more accurately, the lack thereof. Whenever I would make cauliflower rice (something I love to eat!), my kitchen would look like a blizzard managed to break down the front door. And the pan would have just a light dusting of the cruciferous veg.

For over five years, I’ve been cursing this little disappointment of a device every time I pulled it out. Actually, I think I cursed it even more while it nestled safely in the cabinet while I tediously chopped carrots into tiny. little. pieces.

And three weeks ago, I finally had it.

And after 20 minutes of internet research, a few clicks on Amazon and a grand total of $40, I now have a new machine. And the curses have been replaced with praises. The frustration with glee. (I know that sounds extreme, but 30 minutes of prep cut down to 3? That is glee. Pure and simple.) And the pan is now overflowing with cauliflower rice while the floors and counters remain blizzard-free.

And now I wonder what in the hell took me so long?

Was I being stupid? Stubborn? Slow to act?

Yes to all three.

Inaction is easy. Even when you’re not happy.

Excuses are easy. Even when they’re lame.

Complaining is easy. Even when it changes nothing.

So here’s what I want to know – what decision did you wait too long to make? One that once you took the step, you wondered why you ever waited so long to act?

Please, help me out here and let me know I’m not alone! 🙂

Oh, and just in case you’re not laughing at me yet, I have another one for you. For my lunch this week, I made stuffed peppers. And the peppers are just firm enough that they require the use of a knife and fork.

Should be no problem for a grown woman, right?


As an almost-lifelong vegetarian, I eat very few foods that require the use of a knife. And so at lunch today, I clumsily passed the utensils between my hands until finally settling on holding the knife in my right fist like some poker while lamely trying to coordinate the two hands to saw off a bite. And I had to go through this process for every single ungainly bite.

My coworker compared me to his 6-year-old son.

He was being generous.


Now, your turn. What decision did you put off for far too long???

Thank you for sharing!

13 thoughts on “What Took Me So Long?

  1. David & Laura Speer – United States – Were a Metro Detroit, Michigan, couple – second marriages for both of us – and we dream of retiring early to Travel the World. Follow us while we try and figure out to raise our kids, and save to retire. David is a Robot Programmer, Laura is a Medical Physicist. We put our kids before ourselves for years, saved and ate at home and now after years of all this sacrifice and raising our kids - we are closing in on empty nesting, and we realized we have the opportunity to retire earlier than most and follow our dreams to travel the world. How are we going to do this? Well we have a lot of ideas, but lets see how it works out. Our original retirement date was January 1, 2021. We are reviewing the option of working another 3 years but prefer to keep the 2021 date, either way we will be retired by 55 years old - still trying to figure out how, but working toward our goal everyday, while enjoying each other and our blended family. Follow us to see what happens. All images on this blog are copyright (c)
    Laura (I Can Do It) says:

    Well probably I should have divorced right aftery twins were born, lots of reasons why.

  2. Mark – PDX, Oregon, USA – I'm a middle aged guy in Portland, Oregon, going through a divorce, and starting over. I love Led Zeppelin, mysticism (eastern and western), humor, Robert Anton Wilson, fnord, and my kids.
    Mark says:

    This resonates so strongly with me. I am an adapter. Unless I consciously do otherwise, I simply adapt to whatever situation/environment I’m in.

      1. Mark – PDX, Oregon, USA – I'm a middle aged guy in Portland, Oregon, going through a divorce, and starting over. I love Led Zeppelin, mysticism (eastern and western), humor, Robert Anton Wilson, fnord, and my kids.
        Mark says:

        That’s true. It’s about acquiring the wisdom to learn when to stop bending. I feel like I’m making progress. 🙂

  3. I waited too long to start living for myself instead of everyone else. I’m now in a hiking group, I joined a book club, I get fairly regular facials and massages, I take classes to learn how to make fused glass, tamales, and wonderful tapas, I socialize and (gasp) even throw parties, and I’m always up for a weekend road trip or adventure. I sometimes wonder – if I had been this loving to myself while I was married and had a life outside of him, perhaps things might have been different. Or, perhaps they would have fallen apart much faster, as he may not have been inclined to share. It doesn’t matter now, I guess – I’m just focusing on living for today instead of the past or future.

  4. livebysurprise – Liv is the pseudonym reformed divorcee and single mom - now married, coparenting and working mother of three. She's been featured on ScaryMommy, HuffPost Divorce, The Mid and DivorcedMoms.com. More at http://www.livebysurprise.com.
    livebysurprise says:

    Hair dryer. It sucked. Instead of blowed. ;). Happy with the new one.

  5. I waited far too long to use all the special soaps, creams and candles that we all seem to accumulate. Now, I’m going through my old stash, and all the little packages of testers that I’ve pulled out of magazines for years, and enjoying experiencing all the different scents and textures.

  6. I waited too long to be happy. I stayed in a controlling marriage for 5 years even though I knew from the beginning that he was manipulating me and taking away my independence. I did it because of fear of being alone. But now that he is gone I have been able to purchase the things that I want and not have to give in to anyone else’s wants. I am now happy and confident. I just wish I would of done this 5 years ago and would of listened to my family.

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