Divorce Is Like…

I started a conversation on my Facebook page yesterday and it has some interesting and thought-provoking responses. I’d love to hear what you think, either here or on my Facebook page.

Complete the sentence:

Divorce is like…because…

Thank you for sharing!

13 thoughts on “Divorce Is Like…

  1. Divorce is like unshackling the chains you didn’t even know were there because suddenly you are free to be happy, to laugh out loud with joy, to cry in that ugly way women do and there’s no one there that can make you feel bad about doing any of it.

  2. Divorce is like a brand new pair of heels. When you first put them on, they hurt and you don’t wanna be seen anywhere in them because you are uncomfortable. But, after time passes and you get used to them, you start to realize they are really great and could really work out for so many reasons. Ya start to look good in ’em!

  3. …for some release from prison. For others expulsion from Eden. It’s removing a crushing weight from your chest. For others losing a piece of their souls. A religious experience. A damnation. An adventure. A Punishment. Rebirth.


      1. As I looked at the picture for the post again, the cut wedding band, I remembered out priest talking about how the wedding ring was “never ending” as it encircled your finger…life, heart…love, etc. That picture nails what divorce is like. While I am not divorced, my parents did. I was in “That War”….and have the scars from it. I love your stories, thoughts and perspective on this subject.

  4. Divorce is the loss of everything you knew. And when you have an adult child tell you that it was the loss of his family…divorce is like a dagger going through your heart.

      1. Sure was crushing…not a day goes by that I don’t think about that statement. My other adult son is so damaged he can’t deal with any emotion. And yet the filandering ex tries to go on with my sons as if nothing has happened! It is amazing how un-empathetic and heartless a person can be! It is obvious now that I was married to a man for 27 1/2 years that I never knew. P.S. Thanks for the reply…it means so much to me!

  5. Divorce is like being tossed out into the cold without a coat or shelter. You learn very quickly just how resourceful you can be, not to mention you discover an inner strength you never knew you possessed.

    Never again will I ever allow myself to be so tied to another human being. I am happy to explore a relationship but I will never emotionally or legally tie myself to another. My Ex was the center of my universe and that was a mistake on my part. I won’t make that same mistake again. I know this sounds negative but I do not really intend it to be.

  6. Divorce is like good bad drugs, because it brings out the worst in people.
    A strange analogy I know, but was the firs thing that popped in my head when I read the prompt.

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