The Aftermath of Infidelity

Infidelity is a brutal discovery. It’s a betrayal of all that was promised, shattering both desired-for future and treasured memories. The realization thrusts you into a maelstrom of emotion, whipping you with everything from scathing anger to overwhelming sadness to self-flagellation for your ignorance.

And since you’re here, I’m assuming you’ve been there. I am so sorry that you’ve been betrayed in this way and that you’re now left to clean up the mess. It sucks and it’s not fair. I know first hand; I’ve been there.

These selections provide some insight and reflection on infidelity as well as give you some guidelines and ideas on where to go from here.

Essential Reading : The Aftermath of Infidelity

Start here – 6 Truths You Need to Know After You’ve Been Cheated On.

It’s a saying for a reason – it’s true. Here’s my message to those who need to hear that The Grass Isn’t Greener.

Not all infidelity is created equal. This selection on The Classification of Infidelity gives you some perspective on the factors that may complicate your particular situation.

It’s normal to wonder about What Happens to the Ones Who Leave. You may just find that it matters less than you believe.

We naturally have a tendency to personalize the act of infidelity, questioning how our partners could act without regard for the one they claim to love. Why “How Could You Do This to Me?” Is the Wrong Question to Ask.

It can be easy to blame yourself, to wonder what it is that you’re lacking that sent your partner searching. However, Just Because it Happened to You, Does Not Mean It Happened Because of You.

You may think you know how you’ll respond to the discovery of infidelity, but the reality may catch you off guard. Four Surprising Emotions You May Experience After You’ve Been Cheated On.

And I leave you with this – The Upside of Betrayal.

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