My (Unbelievable Yet True) Divorce Story

My own divorce story began in 2009, when I received an expected text from my partner of 16 years that he was leaving me and leaving the state.

And it only got stranger and more surreal from there.

I remember desperately seeking support as I struggled to stay afloat as my world was swept away in a tsunami divorce. I grew angry with “typical” divorce books and advice, because none of what they counseled applied to me and my situation. I heard whispers of people who had been through similar, yet many kept quiet because of the shame associated with betrayal and the tendency to be blamed for the actions of another.

And so I share my story so that nobody else ever has to feel alone in their atypical divorce. I share to provide hope to those that feel hopeless that there is life (and love) after terrible trauma. And I share my experience to encourage others to share theirs as well. There is strength in numbers and power in our stories.


Whenever I read back over this, I still find myself transported back to that day when my husband went from the love of my life to the stranger who had infiltrated my every cell –  The Day the Marriage Died. 


That may have been the end of my marriage, but it was far from the end of me. Here’s How I Recovered From Spousal Abandonment and Betrayal.


Of course, life doesn’t always cooperate. Years later, I saw him again: Facing the Dragon.


I have been very happily remarried since 2013. But it hasn’t always been easy. Love After Divorce: Reflections on a Journey.



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