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Divorce was so much harder than I even could have imagined. We think we know what to expect, but the reality is so much more than even the worst case scenarios explored in fiction or through conversations with those that have been there.

Not only is divorce acutely painful, it’s also isolating, leaving you feeling like you’re the only one feeling this way.



Read this in those moments when you’re feeling hopeless and defeated. 10 Empowering Thoughts to Hold Onto When It’s All Falling Apart. The way things are right now is not the way things will always be.



Even if you’ve maintained your physical house through the divorce, you’re likely feeling Homeless in Life. It’s so hard to regain your footing once you’ve lost your life partner.



You’re not alone in your experience. Here’s a very true – yet also lighthearted – look at Ten Struggles Anyone Who Has Been Divorced Will Understand.



Have you ever berated yourself for feeling like you’re having a harder time than others with divorce? Be kind to yourself and consider these Twenty Factors That Strongly Influence Your Personal Divorce Experience. 



Are you feeling frustrated and stuck in your healing process? Do you identify withy any of these Reasons You’re Struggling to Move On After Divorce?



After my own divorce, I made these 10 Ironclad Rules  for myself. What vows do you make for your life after your own divorce?



Loneliness is one of the most powerful emotions after divorce. Here are 52 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Lonely that you can begin today.



When we’re in the divorce process, often we just want it to be over. And then we’re disappointed and frustrated when the emotions don’t fade as quickly as the ink dries on the decree. But you’re not at the mercy of time – 6 Powerful Ways to Create Your Own Closure After Divorce.



A gentle reminder that life is not a waiting room. Not Every Day is a Good Day. Show Up Anyway.


Divorce isn’t what you wanted. However, I am a strong believer that when gratitude is your wrapping paper, everything is a gift. 10 Ways Your Divorce Makes You Better Than Before


Sending you thoughts of peace and hope…



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