Dealing With Abandonment and Unwanted Divorce

If I had been given the choice, I would have fought for my marriage.

I was never given the choice.

I remember feeling so shocked, so angry, so damn helpless. He not only stole my marriage and my life, he took my voice as well.


If you’re in the first few days after being unceremoniously discarded, make sure you read this. It’s the guide I wished I’d had. A Day-by-Day Survival Guide to Get You Through the First Month of an Unwanted Divorce. 


I use the term Tsunami Divorce to describe a sudden and catastrophic end to a marriage. It’s unexpected and its destruction is absolute.


The question, “Is Living After an Unwanted Divorce Worth It?” often leads to my blog. My heart breaks for those who question this. Here is my response.


There’s no doubt about it – the spouse may be gone, but the aftereffects sure do linger. The (Mostly) Unfortunate Side Effects of Being Ghosted


Abandonment doesn’t completely suck (although, I admit, sometimes you have to get pretty creative to see the positives). Here are the Pros and Cons of a Disappearing Act.


One of the more difficult aspects of a one-sided divorce is that you may have lost your opportunity to speak. By taking advantage of these Six Letters to Write After Divorce, you can find your voice again.


I feared that it was impossible. I worried that I would always be broken. And even though the fear of being left again sometimes rears its ugly head, the way my marriage ended no longer defines me. How I Recovered From Spousal Betrayal and Abandonment.


You feel powerless when you helplessly watch your marriage wash away in front of your eyes. But you have more influence than you can imagine. Six Encouraging Ways to Take Back Your Power After an Unwanted Divorce


Finding Happiness After an Unwanted Divorce is possible. I promise. The first step is just believing that it CAN happen.


If I had been asked, “Can You Find Happiness With a New Partner After an Unwanted Divorce? ” soon after my first husband disappeared, I would have responded with, “I sure hope so, but I don’t know.” Now, I’m extremely happy with my second husband.




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