Focus On Where You Want to Be, Not Where You Fear Ending Up

I just couldn’t seem to get it right.

My body was in the correct position. My muscles were contracted. But every time I tried to find my balance, I would wobble and fall back onto my feet.

“Maybe you just can’t do crow pose,” I told myself.

“Bullshit,” I replied.

For months, I kept trying. During one practice session, I grabbed a pillow off my couch, placed it on the floor in front of me and promptly nailed the pose. never even coming close to face-planting in the pillow.

Curious, I removed the pillow and tried again.

No bueno.

It was then I realized the role that pillow was playing. Because the pillow was uncomfortably close to my face, I craned my neck slightly and shifted my gaze forward. Without the pillow, I was looking down at the ground, which was exactly the place I feared ending up.


Focus on where you want to be, not where you fear ending up.


It seems so simple, doesn’t it? Yet, it’s far from easy.

We all have a tendency to put our focus – our energy – on those things that we fear.

And much like a new driver who instinctively steers into an adjacent lane when looking in the sideview mirror, we tend to move in the direction of our focus.

Where are you looking?






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3 thoughts on “Focus On Where You Want to Be, Not Where You Fear Ending Up

  1. a curious firefly – Karin is intensely curious, which often leads to long journeys down the rabbit hole. Having spent much of her adult life expressing herself in the visual world, she is now exploring a new path in learning how to use her words.
    a curious firefly says:

    So true! We steer towards wherever we put our focus, so it’s really important to make sure we focus on where we want to be. Great post.

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