Today we had to say goodbye to man who was loved by many yet struggled to love himself.

His wife – so bravely and strongly – stood in front of everyone and spoke of things generally left unsaid.

She shared about his struggles with addiction and depression, while also making it clear that those were his demons. Not him.

And then she spoke of how we all have our demons that we struggle with and implored us to reach out, since an army can win more battles than someone standing alone.

I grieve for her, having to accept a loss that love wasn’t enough to prevent. And I’m proud of her for speaking the truth inside of prettying it up as we so often do.


These two posts were going through my mind today –

Sometimes Life is Just Hard

Speaking Out: Why Hiding Your Struggles Only Makes it Worse


Sometimes it is hard. Damned hard. And sometimes the hardest part is admitting when you need help and you cannot do it alone.

Yet remember – when it comes to this life thing, we’re all in this together.


Thank you for sharing!

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