Divorce: Formulating Your Exit Strategy

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  1. David K says:

    Very good advice. The best piece of advice I gave two stay at home parents was to go out and get a job, even if it is part time, just to have something to put on a resume. Especially if someone is afraid to divorce for financial reasons. Getting back into the workforce and putting money in their pockets would be personally enriching and will pave the way for them feeling more financially secure.

    …and no matter what, divorce IS stressful. My ex and I both have pretty decent paying jobs but we both went through the same thing, calculating our own salaries wondering if we could manage.

    We had a house and one option was to sell it and split the proceeds but the monthly mortgage payment was less than the price of an apartment so we worked out a way for her to stay in the house and for me to get my split on the house. Granted, I’m sure there are people who are spiteful but that hasn’t been us thus far.

    The other piece of advice I like to give is, never under any circumstance, pit a child against the other parent. Try not to even get children involves in ANY divorce issue. The stay at home parent was constantly badgering the father in front of the child and always talked badly of the father in front of the child. The child is now in therapy, sadly. I would say it is okay to sit a child down and calmly explain the divorce. Let them know that it is not a reflection on them.


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